Dunkley’s Milk

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Fresh Milk
Fresh from the cow to you! Dunkley’s buys the milk straight from the local farms 365 days a year. The hormone-free milk is collected early in the morning in stainless steel tank trucks and is delivered to our plant where it is pasteurized and homogenized. This process ensures the consistency, purity and great taste that Dunkley’s is well known for in all our products. Fresh milk has a butterfat content of only 3.25%
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2% Fresh Milk
Made from fresh milk, it has 30% lower fat content than the regular fresh milk (blue carton). To achieve this, the milk is put through an extra process called separating or skimming. After the milk has been separated it is then homogenized and pasteurized. 2% Fresh Milk gives us that great fresh milk taste, but with less fat. The Butterfat content is only 2%.
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Filled Milk
Filled milk is reconstituted milk, meaning it is made from a process that combines Grade A skimmed milk powder, soybean oil and water to create liquid milk. Our Filled milk is fortified with vitamins A and D. After being carefully blended, the milk is homogenized and pasteurized. Filled milk is low in cholesterol and is 97.5% fat-free.
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Slimline Milk
Slimline is a 2% fat, low cholesterol, reconstituted milk. It is made from Grade A skimmed milk powder, soybean oil and water, and is fortified with vitamin A. The product is homogenized and pasteurized and is 98% fat free.
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Skim Milk
Dunkley’s Skim milk is also a reconstituted product, made from Grade A skimmed milk powder and water, with vitamins A and D added. Skim milk is 99.9% fat free and low in cholesterol. If you drink a lot of milk and do not want the fat, this is the milk for you!
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Chocolate Milk
Dunkley’s Chocolate Drink has all the same properties as Slimline milk, but has added sugar and cocoa powder to make the chocolate flavor. It has vitamins A and D added and is low in both fat and cholesterol. An island favorite, Chocolate drink has all the nutrition of regular milk and is 98% fat-free.
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Egg Nog
Enjoy this yuletide treat from Dunkley’s—the name you’ve come to trust for quality, year after year. Dunkley’s Egg Nog is delicious with a dash of rum and nutmeg. Our Egg Nog has been homogenized and pasteurized for that fresh and creamy taste.
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Light Egg Nog
This festive treat has the same great taste that you've come to love about Dunkley's regular Egg Nog, but with half the fat. For an extra treat simply add a little rum with a dash of nutmeg for a special holiday taste.


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