Bar Gun System


Dunkley’s offers full installation and ongoing maintenance on Wunder-Bar post-mix beverage dispensing systems for customers looking to retrofit their bars at no cost!  With an extensive selection of beverage-in-box (BIB) offerings including PepsiCo, Gosling’s, Polar & more, we can provide every soda, smoothie mix, juice, and mixer needed for a full bar!

Our experienced team of technicians will provide and install all equipment to your bar at no cost to you.  We also offer regular maintenance and 24/7 support in the event of any type of issue.

In addition to our full BIB offering, Dunkley’s can also provide any garnish needed for your cocktails.  Whether it is fresh limes, maraschino cherries, stuffed manzanillo olives or chips & nuts for snacking customers, Dunkley’s has everything you need to run the best bar in Bermuda!

If you’re interested in exploring a beverage dispensing system for your bar, contact our team today!

Paul Spring
Beverage Brand Manager


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