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Bermuda is located 600 miles due east of Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, United States. The island is approximately 20 square miles in size and has a population of around 63,000. The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton. Bermuda is approximately 750 miles southeast of New York and 3,500 miles southwest of London and maintains air and sea links with several other major cities.


The island enjoys a sub-tropical climate with pleasant temperatures year-round. Bermuda is a self-governing British Crown Colony. The Governor, appointed by the Crown, represents the British Government and retains responsibility for external affairs, defence, internal security and the police. The legal system is based on English common law.


The Bermuda economy has two principal sectors - tourism and international business. Over 500,000 tourists visit the island each year taking advantage of Bermuda's climate, natural beauty, excellent services and friendly people.


Bermuda's growing international business spans a wide variety of financial services and continues to enhance the island's first-class global reputation as a professional place to conduct business.


The success of these two sectors has resulted in an economy with one of the highest average per capita incomes in the world and provides a sophisticated local market for imported goods. The exposure of imported American products to a high number of American tourists also acts as a good marketing tool for these items.